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25 Useful jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

The jQuery dropdown menu is an ordinary sight in most types of websites these days. It provides a stunning navigation system to the webpage without taking up too much space. With a jQuery drop down menu, it is possible to display essential subcategories and pages by just clicking the sidebar or header navigation.

Navigation is important in all kinds of websites. Many of the bigger websites utilize drop down menus to allow visitors to access the information that they want easily. There are different kinds of jQuery dropdown menu plugins that you can use, ranging from simple multilevel dropdown designs to those that contain various links in several columns. It all really depends on your requirements. In addition, jQuery is capable of performing fancy lightweight animations so you can create a navigation menu that is not only beautiful but also smooth and elegant.

In this post, we are featuring more than 25 jQuery dropdown menu plugins that you can use to add life to your website. There are free tutorials that are available so you can teach yourself easily how to code the animated menus. Most of these tutorials contain jQuery scripts that are downloadable, so you can still get the menus and use them on your website without dealing with codes. A few of the items are premium versions, which are expected to have fixes and support. If you want to share your opinion, join the conversation through the comment section below. If this post was helpful, you can also share it with your friends.

Premium jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

Responsive Mega Menu Complete Set – DEMO


This is a powerful and fully responsive Mega Drop Down Menu. It is perfect for creating an unique menu for your website. You can use one of the 9 jQuery effects and one of the color schemes.

Based on a custom grid, this menu allows you to organize your content into columns (from 1 up to 12) with a lot of typography examples such as headings, lists, images styling, tables, form elements, etc.

UberMenu – DEMO


UberMenu is a responsive and user-friendly Mega Menu WordPress plugin that is highly customizable for graphic artists and web developers. This plugin best works in WordPress 3 Menu System.

Scroll Menu – DEMO


This jQuery menu dropdown allows web developers to insert tag points on the document as a shortcode. Each tag point will be added automatically to the Scroll Menu as a button, which gives the visitors of the site a great experience navigating the website.

Animated Responsive Menu – DEMO

Animated Responsive Dropdown Menu

This jQuery dropdown plugin is a navigation tool based in CSS and Javascript. It makes use of gradient colors and effects in order to offer a beautiful design. Moreover, it is a responsive plugin.

Mega Menu Reloaded – DEMO

Mega Menu ReloadedjQuery Dropdown

This jQuery dropdown menu plugin comes with great tools that address concerns in building mega menus. Moreover, it functions without Javascript and when some of the accessible content remains are disabled.

Metro Navigation Menu – DEMO


This simple CSS dropdown menu is an easy-to-use plugin that features different colors and CSS compatible for all major browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and many more.

Colorful Animated Navigation Menu – DEMO

Colorful Animated  Dropdown Menu

The colorful animated navigation menu is a simple and responsive simple drop down menu plugin that is easy to customize and change in different colors. Other interesting features of this plugin includes cross browser in Internet Explorer 7 script.

Metro Style Dropdown Menu – DEMO

Metro StylejQuery Dropdown

This simple CSS drop down menu allows web designers to change different colors in two main styles of dropdown animation. It is compatible with different major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

Smart Responsive Menu – DEMO


This is a powerful drop down menu jQuery solution that works in most mobile devices and various screen sizes. Its menu heavily relies on the CSS media queries in modifying menu display for many solutions.

Cream Tabs – DEMO


Cream Tabs is a jQuery drop down plugin that contains a mix of different tabs and navigation menus with content sliders. Also, it has plenty of great features like multiple connectivity, customization in color, and many more.

Slim Vertical Menu – DEMO


This jQuery drop down menu is a simple and easy-to-customize plugin that is created on Bootstrap. Its front-end framework is developed by Twitter. Moreover, it is has plenty of colors to choose from.

Accordion Multi Menu – DEMO

Accordion Multi Menu

This dropdown menu jQuery plugin is a simple, elegant and easy-to-install plugin, which is created in CSS3. It contains a wide variety of features that web developers can select in customizing their web design.

Elegant Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

Elegant Menu is another effective CSS-powered jQuery plugin that contains CSS menu component featuring unique and clean style. This conventional dropdown menu can be utilized in various types of websites.

Slide Drop Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

This is an example of a Javascript jQuery menu component described as a clean and elegant style. It is an ideal plugin that can accommodate a handful of items. Moreover, it contains elegant animations that improve the functionality of the site.

Solid Uber Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

This menu dropdown plugin features a complete menu set for every website design. This is perfect for any color in website and various resolutions from different mobile phones. Thus, it makes a responsive plugin.

Free jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

Simple jQuery Dropdown Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

This simple plugin contains various stunning visual effects and animations in enhancing the functionality of the website. Some of its great features include full accessibility even when the Javascript is off, fantastic animation and easy to setup.

BeautyMenu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

BeautyMenu is a simple first level jQuery drop down menu plugin that can be utilized by both amateur and professional web designers. Its simplicity of use allows graphic designers to customize their websites effortlessly.

FormBox – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

This is a one-of-a-kind jQuery menu plugin that provides balance to the website’s interface, keeping online visitors to visit the website due to its easy access. Some of its amazing features include easy customization and several color changeability.

Smooth Navigational Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

This multilevel CSS-based jQuery plugin provides evolution of website, with a smooth appeal to online visitors. What’s fascinating with the plugin is that it supports vertical and horizontal orientation of the website.

JQuery Dropdown Menu With Google Style – DEMO

google style Dropdown Menu

This plugin features a CSS file that imitates the Google style in the website. The idea of the plugin is to provide easy navigation on the website and simple customization of website design.

jQuery Mega Drop Down Menu Plugin – DEMO

jQuery Mega Drop Down Menu

This menu plugin allows web developers to use any standard HTML nested lists and transform them into mega menus arranged in a horizontal form. This plugin allows unique creativity and visually appealing navigation to online visitors.

Superfish – DEMO

Superfish jQuery Dropdown Menu

This is an enhanced jQuery menu plugin that utilizes an existing pure CSS dropdown menu. Moreover, it features different enhancements for websites, such as support technology for touch devices, timed delay on mouse out, keyboard accessibility, and many more.

Custom Drop Down List Styling – DEMO

Custom Drop Down Menu

This perfect jQuery plugin features a list styling in a drop down customization. This is applicable for drop-downs without the use of any image, although it contains CSS. It can be availed for free.

jQuery Menu Navigation Style Orange – DEMO

jQuery Menu Navigation

This one-of-a-kind menu plugin powered by jQery contains remarkable features like full cross-browser compatibility, search engine optimized, fantastic animation and transition effects, clear unordered list structure, and many more.

Fancy Drop Down Menus Using CSS – DEMO

Fancy Drop Down Menus

This jQuery menu plugin is a responsive drop down menu that is compatible in search engines like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. It contains stylish effects and cool background for navigation.

jQuery Select Box Plugin – DEMO

jQuery Select Box Plugin

Most web developers and graphic designers have availed the benefits of this jQuery menu plugin, which works perfectly for any website. It promotes easy navigation for online viewers.

jMenu jQuery Plugin – DEMO

jMenuj Query Dropdown Menu Plugin

This jQuery plugin enables graphic designers to make several horizontal navigations containing unlimited submenus. However, it requires jQuery UI in order to support all the effects of the plugin.

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